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MOTOTRBO DP4000E SAFETY FEATURES This series of intelligent voice & data hand portable two-way radios from Motorola Solutions come in either a standard or GPS model and have available a number of safety features which we can activate at any point to protect your lone workers and ensure they always have a means of communication open to them which isn’t reliant on a cellular signal or WIFI connection. The MOTOTRBO DP4000e Series is based on  – MOTOTRBO DP4400e and DP4401e   – No screen or keypad (GPS model) MOTOTRBO DP4600e and DP4601e   – Screen and half keypad (GPS model) MOTOTRBO DP4800e and DP4801e   – Screen and full keypad (GPS model) MOTOTRBO DP4401 ATEX    – No screen or keypad (GPS model) MOTOTRBO DP4801 ATEX  –  Screen and full keypad (GPS model)   MOTOTRBO LONE WORKER SAFETY FEATURES Radio Check –  this feature allows you to determine if another radio is active in a system without disturbing the user of that radio. No audible or visual notification is shown on the target r
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Hytera Licence-free Radios for simple, small businesses.

  Licence-free radios for simple, small businesses Smaller establishments face some ‘new normal’ organisational challenges in re-starting operations following the relaxation of COVID-19 lockdown protocols. They are tasked with ensuring returning employees are able to work efficiently and productively while still adhering to the required social distancing measures. Given that these measures look likely to stay in place for some time, businesses like high street banks and smaller retail outlets, along with primary and secondary schools, will need to consider what solutions they can implement to enforce social distancing rules and help keep employees, customers, teachers and students safe. Good communications are essential to cope with these new work restrictions. Two-way radios are an ideal solution as they enable social distancing to be maintained, but unlike mobile phones they provide instant push-to-talk and one-to-many communications, as well as individual calling. This enables manag

Kenwood NEXEDGE Protecting Borders and Wildlife at Kruger National Park

  Kenwood NEXEDGE Protecting Borders and Wildlife at Kruger National Park Kenwood distributor for South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, Global Communications has completed the radio communication system upgrade for the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) operating in the world-renowned Kruger National Park. The park which is situated in the heart of the Lowveld covers an area of 19,485 square kilometres and became South Africa's first national park in 1926. Kruger National Park borders with Zimbabwe in the north and Mozambique to the east and is part of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, an area designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as an International Man and Biosphere Reserve. It is the natural habitat to some of the most diverse and important wildlife on the planet. The South African National Defence Force plays a dual role at the park in protecting its national borders and supporting the SAN Parks game rangers in thei